Quilting Services & Pricing

Please feel free to contact by phone or email for a price quote. We offer edge-to-edge, custom quilting and everything in between. We will help you choose the perfect quilting design that enhances your quilt and meets your budget.

The cost for your project is determined by the size of the quilt as well as your quilting choices. To calculate the square inches, simply multiply the length x width, as measured in inches. Please note that all measurements are taken before the quilting is completed - the finished size will be slightly smaller, depending on the density of the quilting.

Quilting Services

BASTING: $0.01 per square inch
We can baste together your quilt layers in preparation for hand quilting. Basting consists of extra large stitches, stitched in a grid pattern, approximately 3" apart.
EDGE TO EDGE QUILTING: $0.02 per square inch
A continuous design is applied over the entire quilt. We have many edge-to-edge patterns patterns to choose from and there are hundreds more available.
EDGE TO EDGE PLUS: $0.03 per square inch
An edge to edge design is quilted across the central blocks of the quilt. The borders are outlined and quilted with a complementary design. This is an inexpensive option that results in a more custom look by highlighting the borders.
CUSTOM QUILTING: $0.05 per square inch and up
Custom quilting is designed to fit every element of the quilt top. It can include stitch in the ditch, motifs fitted inside individual blocks areas, echo quilting, crosshatching, outline stitching, etc. Pricing is determined by the complexity and density of the quilting.


For an additional charge, I will cut and complete the binding. You can choose either machine or hand finish. Please do not pre-cut strips for binding.

MACHINE FINISHED BINDING: $0.15 per linear inch
Binding is attached to back of quilt and then machine stitched to front of quilt.
HAND FINISHED BINDING: $0.25 per linear inch
Binding is machine stitched to front of quilt and then hand stitched to back of quilt.
ATTACH BINDING ONLY: $0.10 per linear inch
Binding is machine stitched to front of quilt, ready for you to hand finish at home.

Other Services

Please refer to instructions for Preparing for Quilting to avoid additional charges.

THREAD CHANGES: $5.00 each
We use only high quality thread that is proven to give great results with machine quilting. One thread, of your choice, is included in the per inch quilting charge. Each additional thread change costs $5.
Please prepare your backing fabric according to the instructions on the Preparing for Quilting page. If you prefer, I can prepare your back from a continuous cut of fabric for $15.
PRESSING: $15.00
Please prepare your quilt top according to the instructions on the Preparing for Quilting page. Although extremely rare, we occasionally receive a quilt top that requires additional pressing before it can be loaded onto the quilting frame. We will notify you up front of any additional charges during the consultation.

Please note that there is a minimum charge of $60.00 for all quilting services.