Memory Quilts

I can custom make memory quilts, all you need to do is supply the memories in the form of t-shirts or photos. I consult with you to choose a theme and the fabric color and will take it from there. All of my t-shirt quilts are professionally made using quality fabrics and workmanship. With proper care, these quilts are made to stand up to years of use.

Basic T-Shirt Quilts are made by cutting each shirt to the same size and adding fabric sashing between. Both the fronts and the backs of the shirts can be used, if logos are on both sides (using front and back of shirt would count as two shirts). I would use one side of shirt per quilt block.

Q. How many shirts can I use in a T-Shirt Quilt?
A. The number of t-shirts required will depend upon the size of quilt and the design of the quilt. In traditional t-shirt quilts, the same size t-shirt block is used throughout the quilt. In a variable t-shirt quilt, the t-shirt blocks can be many different sizes.
Q. Do I cut the shirts before I send them?
A. No, it is important that you DO NOT CUT the shirts before you send them to me.
Q. Can I use sweatshirts and jerseys too?
A. Yes. Sweatshirts and jerseys will be treated the same way as t-shirts.
Q. How big will the finished quilt be?
A. The size of the finished quilt varies, depending on the size of shirts used.

I create Lasting Memories from family photos or t-shirts. A Great Gift for all occasions. Handcrafted Memory Quilts are sure to be treasured. Collect your t-shirts and let me design a T-Shirt Memory Quilt for you.

Great gifts for any occasion! Graduation Memory Quilt! Mother's Day Memory Quilt! Sports Memory Quilt! Soccer, baseball, basketball, football, camp, race car!

What a Great Gift!